Welcome to Balbriggan F.C’ Online Registration Portal supported by Join It

For the 2019-2020 Season, all player registrations must be completed online. Balbriggan F.C has partnered with Join It to provide an online registration portal with all payments processed via Stripe. The online registration portal will lighten the administrative burden on our committee members as well as provide convenience to both players and parents.

Only existing players assigned to teams should register online. If you’re looking to join a team, please contact us first!

If you’ve any questions, check out the FAQ below or Contact Us.


What are the registration fees for the 2019-2020 season?

Registration fees remain unchanged from the 2018 season:

Registration Type
Youth Registration €70 total

Paid in two parts:

  • €35 in Aug 2019
  • €35 in Jan 2020
Family Discount: Each Subsequent Child after First Child €50 total

Paid in two parts:

  • €15 in Aug 2019
  • €35 in Jan 2020
Senior Women €60

Paid upon joining

How do I avail of the family discount?

Once you’ve registered the first child, you will receive an email which includes a link to register the second child at a discounted rate of €15. Please note that both children must be from the same family to avail of a family discount. The full portion of the family discount is applied to the registration fee in August.

I don’t have access to a debit/credit card, how can I register?

To register without a debit or credit card, please Contact Us.

Why am I required to create an account?

We ask all registrations to create an account for data security purposes. This allow allows access to other items on our registration system such as online receipts `and allows you to manage your membership at any time.

Where is my data stored? Who has access to the data?

All data is stored on our registration portal partner’s servers (JoinIt.Org) with only club administrators having access to such. Please note that at no time does Balbriggan F.C or our registration partners have access to your financial data as this is all processed via Stripe. All data is processed in accordance with our data protection policy.

Is my data passed onto any third parties?

Our associated partners (Football Association of Ireland, North Dublin Schoolboy/girl League, Metropolitan Girl League, Leinster Senior League) require a certain level of data in order to administer all competitions. Any data above what is mandated by these leagues, is not passed onto these partners and no data is passed to any other third parties.

I have other questions about the online registration portal, who can I contact?

Please Contact Us with any other questions.